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Here’s what comes with EVERY LPPC Account:

…and they actually come standard! No cross-sells or additional fees…

Dedicated Account Manager + Team of Specialists
Every IPPC partner gets a dedicated account manager with one goal in mind: making your clients’ ads perform. But you don’t get just one person, you’re also getting a team including:

Account Audit & Campaign Creation

Your team of specialists dive headfirst into the account to see what worked and what didn’t!
From there, we’ll create brand new campaigns designed to get your client high value clicks and conversions.

Ad Copy that Converts

We’ve run over 140 THOUSAND ads…so we know the copy that’s going to attract the most qualified clicks.
Whether you’re targeting a plumber in Miami or a Doctor in Greenwich – our proven ad creative is going to catch their attention.

Dedicated Proven Landing Page Templates

Our landing pages have generated over 6.17 MILLION conversions and we’ll apply everything we know when we build yours during setup.
And yes, this is included and not something additional you’ll have to pay for!

Heatmaps & Split Testing

Heatmaps come standard on ALL landing pages!
We install heatmaps on every new landing page so we can understand how the traffic is interacting with the page.
We’ll also run split tests on the page, free of charge, to make sure we’re getting more leads and sales without an increase in ad spend.

Click Fraud Protection
Ad & Click fraud protection can save you 20% of your total monthly budget. We include click fraud protection in all of our plans to avoid:

Call Tracking

You don’t need another subscription to track call performance. We’ll get you set up with a call tracking number so you can see how your campaigns are performing.

Realtime Dashboard

Your team of specialists dive headfirst into the account to see what worked and what didn’t!
You get your own branded dashboard that tells you EXACTLY what’s going on in your account!

Ongoing Optimization

PPC is NOT set and forget. Our team of auditors & specialists have their hands on your account with new optimizations and rollouts happening